Given the extraordinary circumstances that we find ourselves in, we felt it would be worthwhile giving you an update on how Watson Wood are working.

In the first instance, we can confirm that we have now all been working from home since the 24th of March. We are only resourcing the offices to ensure that any incoming mail is handled securely and scanned to the relevant person to deal with. Outside of this, we are able to fulfil all other functions remotely.

We have always regularly tested and updated our Business Continuity Plan, which safeguarded the business and our clients in the event that we were not able to work in the office. We did not anticipate the circumstances which would force us to implement these contingency plans, but this shows the importance of being prepared for any eventuality. To date, we have found that all staff have been able to work remotely, without impacting adversely on client service or the smooth running of the firm to meet our ongoing regulatory requirements.

The pension and investment providers that we deal with on a regular basis have also put in place contingency plans – in many cases allowing us to notify them of changes to accounts and plans by email or scanned document, rather than insisting on original copies. Whilst there are specific documents which still have to be provided in original format, the large majority can now be done without a ‘wet signature’, which is a great help.


Please contact us at or 01463 832020 where we will look to reply to you within 24 hours.

We have different video conferencing tools to allow us to carry out ‘face to face’ meetings for our annual reviews. There have been no changes to our review schedule or process other than having to do these remotely for a period.